What We Do?

Pain Management

Let Huraibi Pain & Rehab Institute take care of your pain. We offer both medication management and interventional treatments.

Pain and Debilitating Management

Our pain management physicians will work one-on-one with you to understand your individual pain, evaluating all factors.

Pharmacologic Pain Management

Prescription or over-the-counter pharmacologic pain management for symptomatic relief and control.

Interventional Pain Management

Find pain relief through interventional pain management: a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.


Neuromodulation for treating pain refers to the use of highly specialized technology that can alter the function of the human nervous system.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive pain procedures may prove effective treatments for your pain condition.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive, goal based, advanced medical management of various disorders by utilizing a multidisciplinary & innovative approach, while enriching the community through education and compassion.

Ketamine For Pain

the Ketamine Infusion Centers Of Michigan, LLC, offers Ketamine infusion therapy treatments for those throughout the Michigan area who are suffering from chronic pain syndromes and depression. We thoroughly understand everything that goes along with chronic pain and depression, including the frustration of trying everything with no success. Read More

Ketamine  Therapy for Pain

Ketamine for Depression

Patients who have been diagnosed with treatment resistant depression are candidates for Ketamine infusion therapy. This includes patients with major depressive disorders, post-partum depression, bi-polar depression and severe anxiety states. When a patient has not responded to in-patient therapy, medicine, or other forms of treatment, Ketamine infusions should be considered as the next step. Read More

Ketamine  Therapy for Depression


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