Why Us?

Our reputation for excellence, our stellar safety record, the strict confidentiality, and our exclusively developed and innovative HRI method of alcohol detox treatment have enabled us to maintain our position as a reputable and innovative specialist in the field of outpatient alcohol detox.

Clients who have completed our alcohol detox program report that HRI eliminates most of their physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. With our commitment, we are able to still offer an affordable and effective experience that enjoins safety while allowing you to comfortably gain control of your life, a life free from the oppression of alcohol addiction!

Our Program Will Help Ensure That HRI’s Method Is Right For You

After completing a thorough screening questionnaire over the phone, you’ll be interviewed, and if selected, invited to participate during an examination by the program’s board-certified anesthesiologist and developer of HRI, Dr. Huraibi. Once completed and approved, your treatment program will begin in most cases the same day. Due to the fact that this is an elective procedure and conducted on an outpatient basis, we routinely, yet reluctantly, refuse clients with uncontrolled hypertension, severe forms of heart disease, diabetes, and epilepsy.

You'll Be Comfortable And Well Cared For

On the day of your procedure, you will be introduced to our team before being accompanied to a warm and relaxing treatment room where you will remain for the first phase of treatment. Once the painless procedure is complete, you’ll spend the next 6-8 hours recovering under the careful eyes of your physician and his staff. All clients will have bedside ‘private duty’ caretakers from our own staff. After an appropriate recovery period, your spouse, family member, or friend will be allowed, if elected, to join you while you recover.

Clients will also begin the healing process with an infusion of essential elements that have been depleted by alcoholism and malnourishment. We will address any withdrawal symptoms following your initial phase recovery to ensure your comfort and safety. Essentially, during the first phase, you will be resting while surrounded quietly by our staff and your loved ones.

Your total treatment program and recovery would be 3 days and 2 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun). You will be discharged from our care Monday morning . Once completed, our team will continue to follow-up with you by telephone to confirm aftercare orders are being followed precisely as the doctor has ordered. Finally, as our pledge to our clients, we will remain available to answer any questions or address any concerns to help assure that everyone’s experience at HRI is the best that it can be.

The Cost of HRI’s Alcohol Detox Program

Many have discovered that treatment at HRI is without a doubt worth the cost. For what our clients pay, they receive a tremendous level of professional service, respect, compassion, and personal attention, which are unsurpassed by any other center located anywhere … period!

  • HRI Alcohol Detox Method Costs $9,500 USD*
  • Hotel & Transportation
  • Physician and Staff available during your entire program
  • Anti-Craving Medication (30 or 60 days) is included*

HRI’s Alcohol Detox Post-Procedure Care

Our center employs qualified and specifically trained personnel. Your treating physician is our center’s Medical Director and board-certified anesthesiologist.

After the detox, clients are privately transported to a luxury hotel where they will stay for the remainder of their therapy and recovery. Highly trained and skilled staff, consisting of your treating physician, will remain on premise the entire time. It is our longstanding policy that to treat a small number of qualified candidates each weekend to ensure their comfort and success, but above all, their safety!

The treatment will entail 3 days and 2 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun), so clients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member that will remain with them. This person will be considered their private caregiver. If clients are unable to bring someone with them, one will be provided (additional charge will be incurred). Clients are never left alone, no exceptions!

Days following your detox procedure will be a time of rest, with your caregiver assisting you, as needed. Our very knowledgeable head nurse is available 24 hours a day and is only a phone call away. She will stay in touch with the client and their caregiver, should they have any questions. It is very likely that the patient will be resting most of the time with specific attention directed to now adhering to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

On the morning after the procedure, the patient will be paid a visit to their hotel room to be given instructions and expectations and medications to continue while at home for the remaining week.

Once the patient is home we will continue to monitor them remotely and provide any needed medications for at least 30 days. All prescriptions can be called into your local pharmacy in your hometown. These medications are provided for the patient’s comfort. Included in the packet are directions on keeping up with the anti-craving regimen.

As long as you stick to our program, you’ll be able to remain alcohol addiction free, and free to begin your second chance at living your life the way you’ve always dreamt it to be.