What is HRI™ Alcohol Detox?

HRI is at the core of our sedation-assisted alcohol detoxification. The HRI method of alcohol detox was developed over a period of years with ongoing refinement and enhancement to our existing processes. In the comfort of an office-setting, a board-certified anesthesiologist tailors a pharmaceutical regimen containing a sequence of medications, custom designed to each client’s specific needs and underlying state of health to initiate the detoxification process.


HRI technique is the approach to treat alcohol based on a fundamental method designed to stabilize a patient who presents with a history of alcohol addiction or desire to curb their alcoholic cravings.


We insert an intravenous line and start an infusion of fluids and a combination of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other essential elements and medications. Alcoholic clients can be profoundly malnourished and typically depleted of crucial components of thiamine, folic acid, and other fundamental nutrients. These vital items MUST be thoroughly replaced before any treatment begins to avoid any additional risk of alcoholic-related complications. When started, the effects of alcohol are removed and a combination of anti-craving drugs given before and during the detox procedure is concluded before the patient regains awareness in a precisely orchestrated fashion.


Outpatient detoxification procedure is a safe and effective alternative to an inpatient detoxification. We screen the patient to make sure they are appropriate for this outpatient detoxification. The alcohol detox process begins with completion of apre arrival medical screening questionnaire followed by a thorough medical evaluation by the physician. The evaluation includes a medical interview, physical examination, laboratory panel, urine drug testing, EKG, blood alcohol level detection using a breath analyzer, and other assessments that may be deemed crucial.


Typically, clients can resume their daily routines within the first few days after starting the detox procedure. Completion of the detox is defined as being medically stable and no longer experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms after the essential detox medications are discontinued. Upon completion, clients are returned to the care of their community physician, behavioral specialist, and encouraged to enroll in an on going outpatient treatment program. We strongly suggest some form of aftercare support program e.g. AA.