Pricing & Visit Type

Consultation and Induction = $100

Your Consultation Visit and your Induction together cost $100. If you have insurance, which covers Suboxone Induction, you may only be responsible for your copay amount as determined by your insurance plan. The actual Induction may last 1 day, or a few days, and depends on your reaction to the medication. Your monitoring physician determines the duration of your Induction. You must begin your Induction either the day of your consultation, or the following business day. If your Induction lasts more than 1 day, you MUST come every consecutive day until your doctor determines that it is complete.You cannot miss a single day of your Induction.

After your Induction is complete, your monitoring physician may still require you to come for follow-up visits every week, or every two weeks until they are sure your dosage level is effective and safe. After this, your follow-up visits might be scheduled less frequently such as every four weeks; but again this is at the discretion of your monitoring physician.

Follow-Up Visits = $100

Follow-up visits are performed every 30 days, or more frequently depending on your specific case. If you have insurance, which covers Suboxone Induction, you may only be responsible for your copay amount as determined by your insurance plan. The frequency of follow-up visits will be at the discretion of your monitoring physician. You must return for your follow-up visit exactly within the time frame specified by your monitoring physician. Your monitoring physician cannot provide refills without a follow-up visit, and cannot provide refills before your next scheduled follow-up visit. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.  Missing a single follow-up visit may result in disqualification from the program.



Referrals can be made by health care professionals, including psychiatrists, internists, nurses, psychotherapists, and addiction specialists. Potential patients can also call the program directly and schedule an evaluation.

Patients will be:

  • Induction to Suboxone
  •  Stabilized on Suboxone
  •  Maintenance on Suboxone, and when ready,
  •  Tapered off Suboxone

Referred to their specialists, or assisted in find in gone for ancillary support including recovery counseling.

Patients can also be maintained at the program.

Transfer from another Suboxone Program/Physician

If you are currently taking Suboxone with another Program or Physician, we can work with your current provider to assist you in your transfer to our program.  If you have not been adequately stabilized we will likely start from the beginning and undergo a re-induction as a new-treatment patient.

Can Patients on Methadone Switch to Suboxone?

In general, we do not recommend switching from a treatment if it is working well because transitions can be destabilizing. However, each situation is different. Consult with the clinic doctor to see if switching medications is best for you.

Payment Methods

We accept Cash, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, Visa, and Master Card. You may request a monthly/quarterly statement of services to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement

Contact Information

To make an appointment or for more information about the program, please call:(313) 486-1030. Monday-Friday, 9am to 3pm , or CLICK HERE to SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT.

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