… 9 months now and I am still doing great! Thoughts of harming myself are far removed. Amazingly, I’m catching myself looking in the mirror wondering if my dress looks good on me. Thank you Dr. Huraibi for being who you are and offering a service [ketamine] that lots of people and doctors don’t even now exist and how effective it actually is….Sara D. – St. Augustine, FL

Sara D. – St. Augustine, FL

You have a very compassionate smile. Definitely worth the flying time to come visit you and your staff. And of course, my new scar [naltrexone implant] is barely noticeable! See you in 3 months….Lucia M. – Mexico City, Mexico

Lucia M. – Mexico City, Mexico

These treatments have changed my life for the better. Something someone else may think subtle, is a huge difference to me. I’m calmer, my temper is in control, self-hatred has subsided. Negativity has subsided. I could go on. The nasal spray seems to have regulated my sleep schedule. I would keep coming for more if I could afford it. He and his assistant are two very compassionate people. Very pleased, no regrets….Linda H. – Grand Rapids, MI USA, Patient 

Linda H. – Grand Rapids, MI USA, Patient

I just wanted to let you know how much your kindness and treatment meant to me and my wife….Bryan, Ann Arbor

Bryan, Ann Arbor

How strange it is that I felt I needed the drugs to cope. Now I know that it was the drugs that made my life unmanageable….Waled – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Waled – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I look forward to coming back to Michigan to see your bright smile. Your compassionate mannerism is a treatment onto itself. Of course, the ketamine therapy is a miracle drug as well. I promise this time to follow your instructions :-)….Sarah – Los Angeles, CA

Sarah – Los Angeles, CA

I am already feeling better than I have in ages. I didn’t think I would ever feel joy again in my life! Thank you with all my heart!….Suzanne – Fort Wayne, IN

Suzanne – Fort Wayne, IN

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for helping me get out of my depression. Nothing worked until I met you and your staff!….Izumi – Osaka, Japan

Izumi – Osaka, Japan

Dear Dr. Huraibi – You have helped me more than you’ll ever know! My life has become more meaningful. Depression was killing me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!….Justin – Iowa City, IA

Justin – Iowa City, IA

I’m 9 weeks out since my IV Ketamine therapy and I cannot believe that I am sitting here and feeling happy while writing you this message! Oh, by the way, those naltrexone pills are definitely working for my fibromyalgia pain….Cathy – Grand Rapids, MI

Cathy – Grand Rapids, MI

Depression elements are almost gone completely! Nasal spray is phenomenal, best medication I’ve ever used. Thank you guys for being a part of this….Justin V. Detroit, MI

Justin V. Detroit, MI

Very Great doctor, good staff….Tammy R.

Tammy R.

Great doctor, good with people….Leslie E.

Leslie E.

First class Dr. – Really cares about patients, does not rush you…there are not a lot of Dr.’s like this around anymore..definitely recommend!….Margaret S.

Margaret S.

Dr. Huraibi actually listens to you and actually cares about helping you. He does not rush you out and will keep trying things until he finds the relief of for your pain. At least in my experience, you don’t find that much anymore. His office staff is not always the most friendly, however, don’t be scared off like I almost was, the Dr. is definitely worth it….Mary C.

Mary C.

Dr Huraibi is wonderful! I’m trying to see him at one of his other locations. Having more than one location provides the additional convenience my husband and I enjoy. I’m hoping the Dr. reads his reviews….Bobbi E.

Bobbi E.

“Dr. Huraibi and his staff are amazing! He is the best Dr. to have for treating your pain because he cares about his patients”……. John T.

John T.