Can Naltrexone Be Used To Treat Alcoholism?

Yes. However, the ultimate goal of recovery from alcoholism is total abstinence and learning how to existwithout it.There are a number of other medicationsused in combination that can assist in achieving and maintaining abstinence. Naltrexone is probably the most powerful of these medicines. Naltrexone is a drug that attaches and blocks the opiate receptors in the brain. Part of the pleasurable effect from drinking alcohol happens through these opiate receptors when they are activated from a flood of alcohol producing the release of endorphins.An inordinate amount of endorphins is the primary cause of why people enjoy drinking, but unfortunately for alcoholics their tendency to drink becomes excessive.
When these receptors are blocked, there are fewer cravings for alcohol and less pleasure achieved when drinking. It becomes much easier to stay abstinent and continue with a successful recovery program.