Getting Started

After contacting our office, an approval for an initial consultation visit will be determined. The initial consultation fee is $250. This includes a full review of patient history, an intake screening exam and a completion of a consent form. Prior to the initial visit, all patients are required to provide a recent panel of blood work consisting ofComplete Blood Count (CBC) and Metabolic Panel consisting of electrolytes, liver function tests, and a number of other crucial items. If recent blood workis not available, we will fax an order formto the patient’s laboratory facility of choice.Once determined a good candidate, an order for the selected Naltrexone treatment option (pellet or injection) will be placed with the compounding pharmacy.Typically,an implant or injection visit is made one week after the initial exam. For out-of-state patients, a preliminary phone consultation and intense questionnaire session will be conducted in lieu of a face-to-face encounter. If any concerns are raised during this time we may request a medical clearance from your physician. For the most part, unless you’re severely ill, have serious medical condition, haven’t discontinued opioids or heroin in the required time frame, and finally, have major organ disease, our clients will likely be well enough to receive Naltrexone therapy. Once a client of our clinic, subsequent visitswill be waived. You will only be responsible for your cost of travel and accommodations, repeat laboratory tests, and, of course, for the Naltrexone therapy of your choice.