How long does the relief last?

This can vary greatly between patients. Most patients who respond to ketamine find that a single infusion will provide at least several days of symptomatic relief. This means relief of the physical symptoms that make depression/bipolar/PTSD so unbearable: anxiety, fatigue, dysphoria, cognitive impairment, insomnia, etc. Patients who undergo a series of multiple infusions over 1-2 weeks often get symptomatic relief that lasts weeks and months (~2 weeks – 3 months). When physical symptoms are improved it triggers a myriad of favorable changes that dramatically improves mood and behavior. This subsequently helps you feel better, more energetic, less sense of self-negativity, and improved sleep hygiene, sometimes for the first time in as long as one can remember. Even if some of the physical symptoms return, most patients can withstand it and react more positively against it instead of regressing back to a dark place with each new stress that arises. The reason, improvement in mood and behavior seem to endure much longer than the physical symptoms themselves.