What Exactly Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is not an easily definable term, which is why it is now called Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), instead.


AUD defines a person with habitual and excessive drinking habits, many unsuccessful attempts to stop, and describes their continued drinking despite adverse consequences to health, responsibilities, and personal values.


Men are two to four times more likely than women to become alcoholics. The disease is divided into two categories: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.


Alcohol abuse, people have tendency with binge drinking (consuming six or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting), as well as engaging in risk-taking behaviors such as drinking, driving, and unprotected sex.


Alcohol dependence is even more serious. People who are dependent on alcohol lack the ability to voluntarily cut dowbor stop drinking. They develop a physical tolerance, so that they require increasingly large amounts to become intoxicated. They also develop withdrawal symptoms, including rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and even seizures, when they try cutting down or stopping altogether.